How to Customize MSI’s Super-Charger for mobile device

For my samsung s5neo  Super-Charger wont work on my MSI laptop.
Supercharger work properly on my old iphone s4.

please note that I am not responsible for what you do and what happens to your computer and smartphone.

I poked around a bit, and Super-Charger is just something that stays running in memory.  There isn’t any options to set or configure, and nothing to set when installing software.
I found the following INI file

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI\Super-Charger\Super-Charger.INI

In this file, under the [FASTER_CHARGING_LIST] section, are some device ID that seems to reference Apple iOS devices directly.
So I updated this section with my samsung S5  and saved the file, after  made this change I rested the service.msc: runing cmd as administrator, and type:

net stop "MSI_SuperCharger" && net start "MSI_SuperCharger"

I got the notification that Super-Charger is active when I plugged in my s5.

The key-point here is how to find your mobile’s device ID – it’s not too hard if you know where to look.  Launch the Device Manager (on windows 10, hit windows_key + x, and chose device manager) ) find your mobile device, usually is listed under Portable Device or Universal Serial Bus controllers.  Right click, select Properties, click on Details tab,  and choose Hardware Ids in Property drop-down menu.  What you want is the VID and PID bits after the USB\.  For example my S5 had these  values:

So I added those under the [FASTER_CHARGING_LIST] section as follows

1=Vid_05ac&Pid_129a;Apple iPad;
2=Vid_05ac&Pid_1297;Apple iPhone 4G;
3=Vid_05ac&Pid_129F;Apple iPad2;
4=Vid_05ac&Pid_12A0;Apple iPhone 4S;
5=Vid_05ac&Pid_12A4;Apple New iPad Wifi;
6=Vid_05ac&Pid_12A6;Apple New iPad Wifi+4G;
7=Vid_05ac&Pid_12AB;Apple New iPad 4-Gen and mini iPad;

8=Vid_04e8&Pid_6860&MI_00;Samsung s5;
9=Vid_04e8&Pid_6860&Class_06&SubClass_01&Prot_01;Samsung s5;
12=Vid_04e8&Pid_6860;Samsung s5;
13=Vid_04e8&Pid_6860;Samsung s5;

The first 7 were already present, so I added 8th entry.  You may also need to play with upper/lower case.



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