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Please Notice that this is my personal notes helping me remember, useful tricks, which I put there to behold and to more quickly find the required information. And if these information will help somebody in his work, I’ll be happy that I could help.

Common SEO Errors of E-commerce Websites

Online merchants think that by simply listing hundreds or even thousands of products on their e-commerce website, search engine traffic will start rolling in.

woocommerce1It turns out that is far from reality.

The sad fact is, optimizing e-commerce websites for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is much harder than it is for blogs, or simple few page company websites. By having lots of product pages constantly shuffling on and off the site, numerous problems arise that make SEO very difficult for e-commerce websites.

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Tips for successful promote business through Facebook


I’m sure your customers are on Facebook but whether they expect to find you there?

If you run any SMEs, such as a car service, a ecommerce website, a plumbing business or a normal shop, many of your customers will want to keep in touch on Facebook, and this is the most useful tools to  promote your business.

Facebook how to promote your businessRegister your account and, start work on Facebook page, this is quick and easy.

You don’t necessarily need a personal page to create a business page but when you start, your personal page make great help with drive traffic to your business page.

Tell people you are on Facebook. Direct people from your own website or blog to your Facebook page. Set your blog’s that automatically publish snippets on your Facebook page to encourage followers to visit your website.

Use other social networks, like Twitter, to post links to your Facebook page, add Facebook details on your website, and include a link below your email signature.

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Few word About Google Analytics – Quick Start

Knowing website audience and from where coming and what they search is an important success factor for any website. The best way to know this is through your traffic stats using Google Analytics.

“Web analytic is the study, of online behaviour in order to improve it.” …wikipedia

Google Analytics shows all this information as:

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Facebook Open Graph META Tags

Everyone know is Facebook are the major traffic driver for all websites, even large corporations steer consumers toward their Facebook pages instead of using his corporate websites directly.  Facebook has few ways to call visitors to actions:  “Fallow”, “Like” and “Recommend” widgets on every website.  One  of the most problem when sharing on facebook is no control over the image and description text that accompany the URL.
The Facebook Open Graph API,is the known solution to that problem.

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Meta Tags for Seo Engine Optimisation (SEO)

meta-tagsIt’s true that you no longer need to create your meta description and keyword tags for Google, but this is not mean you should ignore these fields entirely! Because your page title and meta description are sometimes pulled to appears whenever your pages are listed in the natural search results, content which you include in these areas play a major role in your ability to attract people from the search engine results page.
Here’s Short note what you need to know about optimizing your meta tags:
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How to Write Good Web Development Articles and Tips

busyI’ve been working as Web Developer since 2007, mostly editing HTML, CSS, and jQuery content. I’ve also helped out with some general Web stuff (Mysql, PhP, build tools, and other generic content).

I try write quick notes to help me remember how to do some things quicker without picking around in the web, and in some times also my personal thoughts and reflection each week.

Probably most of them not clear enough, but for me and for other most of them are like good reference sheet. I know many of my articles suffered from the same problems. So I put together my thoughts on, what makes a good web development article or tutorial:

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