Common SEO Errors of E-commerce Websites

Online merchants think that by simply listing hundreds or even thousands of products on their e-commerce website, search engine traffic will start rolling in.

woocommerce1It turns out that is far from reality.

The sad fact is, optimizing e-commerce websites for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is much harder than it is for blogs, or simple few page company websites. By having lots of product pages constantly shuffling on and off the site, numerous problems arise that make SEO very difficult for e-commerce websites.

Lack of Proper Product Description

The complete lack of a text description of the product virtually puts an end to the chances of the page being in the top of a search engine query. Of course, the picture speaks a thousand words, but the search engines cannot see images. So make sure to add a description of the product.

A good way to measure how much unique text you need is to count how many words is in blank product page. Count all the words that are used in navigation, sidebar, footer and all other text that is present on a blank product page. Then product description must exceeds that “default” word count in order to have a heavier weight on unique content.

Have more unique content in product description, always is better for SEO efforts, but in this case keep the following things in mind:

  • Write quality descriptive content that helps visitors make purchasing decisions.
  • Don’t duplicate and copy content from other websites. Search engines will penalize you for doing this.
  • Test what description word count helps with purchase conversion.

Don’t Use Product Descriptions from Manufacturers

If you want to be leave alone by the search engines, just add a description from the manufacturer. This guarantee your site will be banned from the search resultsManufacturers descriptions are distributed to many websites not only stores. And most of them are keeping the text in its original form.

This leads to a number of pages with the same content and filters from Google. Also these manufacturer descriptions are usually not written in a way that sells.

Always create unique content. Google are getting better and better at decrease websites rankings because of content scraping & duplicate .

If you have thousands of product pages creating unique content can be a daunting task, in this case is better to create good category page, with long description, and all similar product combine to single page just with variation (color, sizes)

Lack of Product Reviews

About 70% of buyers are looking for reviews of products on online stores or forums before making a purchase. This means that if your site has no such reviews, you are missing a very large percentage of the audience. Moreover, it is easier for review pages to reach the top of search results than selling pages.

The most important thing about product reviews from customers is:

They are creating unique content for your online store and it’s free! We’ve been talking about all the trouble involved by not having unique content and how hard it is to create it. Product reviews solve this problem! For search engines looks like pege live, which can help to bring the search engines bots back more often. Anytime you can update your site more frequently, the better it is for your overall SEO efforts.

Not Optimizing Product Pages Based on The Search Demand

Be sure to consider the demand and search keywords that people are typing into the search engines when you write headlines, title pages, and product descriptions. Otherwise, you may create a situation in which you are promoting something that no one is searching for. This is a common mistake of stores with a great number of different goods.

Non-Unique Titles

Another problem of the large online stores is duplicated title tags. Watch for their uniqueness and try to avoid identical values. It is the school foundation of SEO, but when we are talking about online shopping, for some reason, many have stopped observing this simple rule. I know i4t’s difficult to create unique title tags when you sell similar items. You will inevitably repeat the same keywords over and over again. Search engines are aware of this occurrence, and therefore you should focus on making unique key phrases.

A lot of online shoppers are searching for a key phrase oppose to a single keyword.

An important tip for nailing down the right keywords is to use Google ad words see what frazes are popular when customers look for similar products for sell. The structure in which they phrase your products will clue you into how they might search for them.

Lack of keywords speaking url url? Here is an example:

As you know, Google is a search engine that is very worried about its users and their experience. First of all, you should make your online store convenient and useful for customers in order to achieve its respect. What is good and unique to your clients – it’s good for Google.

The more time people spend on your site, and less they click back to the search results page is a great indication that Google is sending them to the right place.

Finally, people who like your website and what it has to offer are much more likely to link to it – and as we said before, links are what drive you to top the search results page!