Dreamweaver CC more like notepad++
Problem with installing third-party extensions

I like functionality from Notepad++ which is:
copy new line, move line of code up and down,  after research I found this page: Yoropan.com, and this extension working fine in few version of Dreamweaver unfortunately stop working with the new Dreamweaver CC.

I cannot installed this add-on because Adobe extension manager won’t found any adobe programs on my computer.

After some digging In Adobe page I found how to Install third-party extensions, and this work for me.

Just need to download this progarm from adobe site: ExManCmd_win, and extract the files to any folder.
Download the Code Edit Utility from Yorpan website, and copy it to the location where you extract the ExManCmd.
Run the command line as an administrator. (you need to close Dreamweaver and Adobe Extension Manager) before next step.
In the command prompt, navigate to the folder containing your extracted files.

To install the extension, in command line type:

ExManCmd.exe /install CodeEditUtils.zxp

To verify the extension being installed, type:

ExManCmd.exe /list all.

After installation open Dreamweaver, and on the top menu go to command > CodeEditUtils

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