Tips for successful promote business through Facebook


I’m sure your customers are on Facebook but whether they expect to find you there?

If you run any SMEs, such as a car service, a ecommerce website, a plumbing business or a normal shop, many of your customers will want to keep in touch on Facebook, and this is the most useful tools to  promote your business.

Facebook how to promote your businessRegister your account and, start work on Facebook page, this is quick and easy.

You don’t necessarily need a personal page to create a business page but when you start, your personal page make great help with drive traffic to your business page.

Tell people you are on Facebook. Direct people from your own website or blog to your Facebook page. Set your blog’s that automatically publish snippets on your Facebook page to encourage followers to visit your website.

Use other social networks, like Twitter, to post links to your Facebook page, add Facebook details on your website, and include a link below your email signature.

Don’t use Facebook as another tool to make sell or hard marketing

Social media isn’t just a tool to gain exposure — it has now become a necessary time investment for every business to make, but people coming on Facebook as a fun social space, where they chat about everything to friends, check in easy way photos, videos, and relax.

For best engagement you need to become part of a community, rather than being a sales person who tries to sell.

Any tactics with advertising slogans, posting repeatedly about the same product or service, or providing lists of products and prices – will result only to users ‘unfollowing’ you. They may even post negative comments about your business. You will be proud of 2000 likes on your page, but only few followers.

Have a clear goal and target before you start

It’s important to have a clear goal and a strategy not only for using Facebook but for any marketing campaign.

For example, a car service might decide that its goal is to increase traffic on his website generated by Facebook by 20% in the next few months. Their strategy could include:

  • creating a post two times in week, creating special promotion once a month using a coupon code so that the sale can be traced to Facebook;
  • posting a weekly article on their website featuring a customer with his car who get some special service, and share this on Facebook;
  • encouraging users to post their own photos which shows his satisfaction for car service.

Setting a proper goal and strategy gives you direction for Facebook marketing and a way to measure your success.

Create a human touch for your business

People like to talk to other people — not to an impersonal company. Whoever manages Facebook page must  write in a voice that sounds real, and using a style which is consistent with your business, but also which is understand for your audience. Sometimes you need create for your company specific jargon or ‘official line’.

Post regularly

Social media are built around updates, and news. Most of Facebook users check their page at least once a day, and they need to see that you are regularly update your page with new materials.

Some marketing guru recommend posting at least every day, but this will work only when you have really interesting content, and you sure is your audience wants to hear from you every day or even twice a day.

Encourage comments and reply quickly

Encourage other Facebook users to respond to your posts or to post their own comments about your business or a topic that’s interest to them and to you. When they do post, respond quickly — within 24 hours is best. Failing to respond will weaken your Facebook friends willingness to engage with you, and they will gradually drift away.

Use pictures and videos

Make the most of your profile. Pictures, in particular, tend to attract the most likes, shares and comments are a major element of every part of a marketing campaign and all social media advertising. Use them every time to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

For example:

  • a clothing shop could post photos of new stock when it arrives
  • an car service could post day-by-day pictures of a cars under renovation.

People like when Facebook is fun. Tray post that people typically enjoy on Facebook.

Images that you post should show the human side of your business, but make sure it is in line with your brand values and does not damage your reputation.

Be Patient and Nurture your relationships

It always takes time to build good relationships and community with other Facebook users. Try to engage sincerely in conversations, including any complaints. Provide useful content, and develop rewards for loyal customers to help foster positive relationships, by running competitions or providing exclusive deals. Many people use Facebook to find special offers that are not available elsewhere.

You can also encourage discussion and feedback — positive user-generated content provides a very powerful endorsement for your business. Facebook users love to talk to real people and share their news and views.

Promote your Facebook page

Facebook-tips-for-BusinessFacebook Page need to be up to date. Always provide your actual company information: website, working times etc.

Regularly advertising to reach out to specific groups of people. Facebook allows you to target ads based on everything: location, demographics, behaviour, and interests, or any a combination of these.

Discounts and giveaways are the most popular reason for a customer to follow a business’s Facebook page. Likewise, contests and games can be used to liven up your page.

Use keywords in your profile. Be interactive with contests, games, surveys, etc.

Realize They Just Don’t Care

Understand that the general audience doesn’t care about your brand, product or service. They care about their own. In general people on Facebook follow very few brand pages, so giving them a reason to stick around is critical. Always ask yourself what can you give them that they can’t find anywhere else? Education? Entertainment? Emotional reactions?

Facebook Piggybank

If you are frustrated with your lack of organic reach on Facebook page, start investing €5 wisely into selected posts, this can make a huge difference. Set aside €20 into your Facebook piggy bank for next month so you can boost four posts. You will start to see which content delivers solid results and which not make any engagement.

If you continue this tactic, using your creativity and post different content, you will eventually hit your sweet spot.

Use Facebook Insights to learn more about your customers

Measure everything. Facebook Insights can tell you more about the people who choose to like your page.

You can also use the Adverts Manager dashboard to see how your ads are performing against your objectives.

Once you know your Facebook friends characteristics, you can tailor your posts and offers to meet their needs and interests.