Design – Development and related web services

Domain Registration

    • The domain name is the name of your website for example “”
    • Tip: Try to choose a short, meaningful and an easy to remember name.
    • In some cases, you can purchase multiple domain names and have them all pointing to one of them.

Web Hosting

    • Web Hosting is a service that ensures the online operation of your website 24/7
    •  Already registered domain name and web hosting is possible in most cases extend

Email service

    •  Domain name and web hosting can get you unique Email address
    •  This Email can be opened using a Web browser, Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird

Website design and development

Do you need a website but do not know how to do it?

    • FREE consultation on the appearance and functionality of website.
    •  Creating a graphic design according to specified requirements.
    • Development and optimization of graphic images for the highest quality and the fast loading time.
    • Hand-coding structure and appearance of the website (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP).
    • Inserting and formatting your submitted text content.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    • Uploading and saving files to a web server. I emphasize the adherence to all standards set by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) , which ensures the correct structure of the website.

Website copywriting

Optimizing website for mobile phones and tablets

(What is optimization for mobile phones and tablets?)

    • Your website will look great on both mobile phones and portable tablets
    • No need to scroll sideways or zoom in and out to see content
    • This feature is supported by all modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and even Internet Explorer version 8 and above

Editing and updating websites

Does your website need a change?

    • You are dissatisfied with the visual appearance, structure or content?
    • Updating content in required intervals or according to your specific requirements
    • Editing the website structure and content
    • Retouching, resizing or changing of graphics elements
    • Updating of advertising banners
    • Optimization for search engines

Static Web Banners

    • Usually in the form of the shape that contains text or graphic element
    • It’s small file size is advantage of a fast loading time
    • No additional programs or plugins required to display them
    • Are supported and displayed on majority of mobile phones and tablets
    • Attracts visitor’s attention as animated Flash banners but survey rates them as less effective
    • Can contain only a limited amount of information

Animated Banners

    • Created using Flash software technology
    • Flash can create complex animations associated with audio effects
    • Responds to mouse over or click of the mouse
    • The most efficient type of web banner for capturing visitor’s attention
    • The end user must have recent version Flash Player plugin installed for proper functionality
    • Preloading animation must be used for large file sizes as it takes a while to load it
    • Flash is not supported on some types of mobile phones and tablets

Vector based graphic, business cards, printed materials and photo editing.

Company logo design, corporate logo design, Custom logo design

    •  Is graphical presentation of companyShould be original, simple and easy to remember
    • Vector-based graphic which allows to increase or decrease an image size without losing its quality Business cards
    • An essential tool in business communication
    • Easy way to promote your business
    • Good looking design grabs attention
    • Created using vector-based graphic software

Digital photo retouching & photo enhancement service

    • Photo editing for advertising, web presence and printed materials
    • Removing stains, red eyes, wrinkles and other cosmetic blemishes
    • Adding or removing unwanted people,objects and much more