Using jQuery for Spliting li list to three ul list and speparating them with hr

In short :

foo = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8];
bar = foo.slice(3);

and more complex example:

<ul class="products">
//split ul into three parts with hr between
//add 2 uls after first one
//move lis into 2 uls
	if(jQuery(".splitme").length > 0) {
		jQuery(".splitme").after('<hr class="product-separator"><ul class="products splitme2"></ul><hr class="product-separator"><ul class="products"></ul>');
		jQuery("ul.products").eq(1).append(jQuery(".splitme li").slice(3).detach());
		jQuery("ul.products").eq(2).append(jQuery(".splitme2 li").slice(2).detach());

Because I using this on woocomerce shop, I was added extra class splittime with the if statement to make sure is all changes will work only in one category .


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